Input and DC-free line output applications

Line input and line output transformers for galvanic isolation, balanced-to-unbalanced conversion and for impedance conversion. Should be used with DC-free signal sources, or with a DC blocking capacitor between source and transformer.

Input and line output applications

PhotoTypeTurns RatioSize LxWxHApplicationApplications / Comments
LL16741+1 : 4+443x28x21Line input/outputAmorphous core line input/output transformer
LL16761+1 : 2+243x28x21Line input/outputAmorphous core line input/output transformer
LL16841+1 : 1+142x28x22High level general purposeFor high level, low impedance applications such as (DC-decoupled) line output.
The transformer is not suitable for line input from high impedance signal sources.
LL16901+1 : 1+1 42x28x22High level line input For high level, high impedance applications such as (DC-free) line input.
LL19305.8 + 5.8 : 1+147x28x23Line outputMu metal lamination core
LL19481+1 : 1+1 43x29x23 Line input With Cardas high purity copper wire and Lundahl amorphous core
LL1949 2+2 : 1+147x28x24Line input/outputWith Cardas high purity copper wire. Most often used with solid state amplifiers.
LL79031+1+1+1 : 2+2+2+2 66x32x21Mic or line input 200 : 13 k Ω (used 1:8) This is the ultimate microphone input transformer,
designed for high quality tube equipment.
LL79061+1+1+1 : 5.6 + 5.666x32x21+16 dBUImproved version of LL7905

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