On climate contraol and emission of carbon dioxide

The Lundahl Transformer factory plant is using power (heat and electricity) exclusively from renewable resources. However, the production of our raw materials, distribution of our products and our travels to customers andexhibitions still results in generation and emission of carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change.

For 2022 we have chosen “Vi Agroforestry” to do carbon offsetting for 400 ton of carbon dioxide on our behalf. Vi Agroforestry has developed a method, together with the World bank, to estimate the climate benefits of Sustainable Agriculture Land Management practices (SALM).

In the method trees and crops grows together inorder to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. You can read more about this at: www.viagroforestry.org 

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Each year we let our team decide were this years good will and engagement will go. And in this way we all get to be a part of helping and me involved with our global socity.

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