Lundahl Transformers history and foundation started in 1958

Lars Lundahl the founder of this high quality business started the journey at AGA a, a big gas corporation who at that time had ambitions to start manufacturing electronic products, both for the professional and consumer markets. During his years at AGA Lars worked with magnetic amplifiers for control applications, and was introduced to the newly invented transistor. He also discovered that it was hard or almost impossible to find good transformers, so he decided to start his own company to manufacture transformers. And we are glad that his wife Gunnel Lundahl started to work in the StartUp early on. The two of them made an excellent team and with innovation, organisation and visions they build the foundation of what Lundahl Transformers still represent and live for today.

Customers of Lundahl Transformers

Customers news

We have many cool customers out there. This month we want to high light Mojave and their MA-37 a Retro and futuristic microphone.

We are proud to be a small part in this 🙂 This great microphone is made by, Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer’s modern take on a legend – the Sony C-37a. Known for its high headroom and ability to tame brittle high end, it became a workhorse in the 60’s, especially during the golden age of Hollywood recording – the “Wrecking Crew’ era. Studios such as Capitol Records and Sunset Sound acquired multiples, which are still use today. 

The Mojave MA-37 features an EF86 tube, Lundahl transformer and a special capsule built here in California. It features a unique mechanical approach, developed by RCA in the 1930s and adapted by Sony, to achieving a choice between cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns – an adjustable tuned acoustic chamber.

In keeping with David Royer’s “simple yet elegant” design philosophy, the circuit is based around a single-stage tube amplifier. The hi-pass filter controls are located on the power supply, offering three options:  at (M), 100Hz (V1) and 200Hz (V2).

The Mojave MA-37 – it sounds great – in a different way!

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