65 years of innovation, production, and worldwide customers.

We treasure our journey together with you tremendously and we love every step on the way. We are proud of our business innovation, values and culture that we always will be here for deliver a family receipt of quality, innovation and passion for creating the worlds best transformers.

Family entreprenourship and crafmanship from Scandinavia

1958 is the start of something great. After his exam from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Lars Lundahl started working for AGA, a big gas corporation who at that time had ambitions to start manufacturing electronic products, both for the professional and consumer markets. During his years at AGA Lars worked with magnetic amplifiers for control applications, and was introduced to the newly invented transistor. He also discovered that it was hard or almost impossible to find good transformers, so he decided to start his own company to manufacture transformers.

History highlights


The first winding machine was installed in the basement of the family house, soon to be followed by more production machines as well as a second hand lathe and ditto milling machine.

The first

The first transformers manufactured by us were not vastly different from what other transformer manufacturers produced, even if they were better designed and made with more care. But there were potentials for improvement…


With a workshop in house, and with full control over winding size, C-cores and mu metal housings, it was possible for Lundahl Transformer to tailor the shape of transformers to the available space. 1976 gave us – Freedom of shape.

To infinity and beyond

At Lundahl Transformers, our mission is to be a part of the global audio experience with our transformers and our innovation power. We strive to be creative and meet the markets different needs in craftsmanship for our transformers. We blend art and science to craft great transformers. Our Scandinavian design and quality is here to stay and evolve.

Our business vision

Is soon here and reshaped

Our team leadership

These are the people who work every day to create great products that will help you in your world of production, innovation and music.

Per Lundahl

Operational Manager

Mirza Zametica

Production Manager

Maria Berghäll

Marketing Manager

Cilla Carlsson

Office Manager

Johan Steene

Investor & Partner

Bert-Ola Frödin

Constructor & Innovator

Production team

Every day, we have an exceptional team dedicated to craftsmanship, innovation, and production at our factory. Without these individuals, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the high-quality products that define our presence in the market.

Global attraction

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Shenzhen An Sheng Audio Comp. Ltd

Nocturne Audio c/o Yan Wen Ye


Lundahl headquarters

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Feel free to reach out to us via email to discuss how we can assist you. We’re also eager to explore new innovations!

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us via email to discuss how we can assist you. We’re also eager to explore new innovations!

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