We have arrived at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California. The Lundahl Transformers team this year includes Mr. Per Lundahl himself and Marketing Manager Maria Berghäll. On-site, we also have our US-based distributor, Holger from Erhard-audio.

The first day at NAMM 2024 was intense but a lot of fun. We have met so many new faces and some familiar faces and customers. As usual, Lundahl’s reputation for high-end quality is the first thing people talk about, and for that, we are grateful and glad. It’s a crazy ride in this convention hall. Over 45,000 people are here to get to know the audio world, enjoy product demos, and see the elite.

Component in NAMM

As a component company, there are many people who come to us because they appreciate the technology and know how to build great microphones, amplifiers, etc. We are proud to say that we are one of the best transformer manufacturers in the world. Our various transformers are highly popular, and the innovation in how and where to use them is increasing every year.

We are open to new ideas and are in an exciting time period where we are developing ourselves. We notice that the interest in our transformers and the craftsmanship behind the scenes is highly appreciated, and our followers want even more photos. We will continue to showcase the magic we create when we return to Sweden, but not all of it. Some of the magic surrounding our transformers will still remain a mystery.


One of the best things here on site is ofcurse to se all the cool product that our customer have on the market. What a wonderful variety of products available for consumers to purchase. Everything from microphones to amplifiers and much more.Check out our Instagram for videos from the show.



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