Sandhill + Lundahl Transformers

A beautiful-sounding ribbon microphone.

We’re thrilled to participate in NAMM 2024, where engaging conversations and positive feedback have highlighted our transformers. Moreover, with partners and distributors worldwide, we’re fortunate to collaborate with talented manufacturers and innovators, such as Sandhill in Finland. Over the past four days at our booth, we showcased Sandhill’s microphone, which has garnered enthusiastic reactions. Additionally, we appreciate the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and showcase the excellence of our partners’ products.

The Sandhill Story

We’ve had the opportunity to get to know them better this year, and wow, what a team. The Sandhill Story began in 2008 when three Finnish music-loving engineers came together to be innovative, a little crazy, and set a goal for themselves that no one else had achieved. Their goal was to create an original, beautiful-sounding ribbon microphone with no limitations in its use or application, completely free from the common problems associated with all the ribbon microphones of the past. The only condition was that the Sandhill microphone would be finished without any compromises. We are glad that this team, like us, builds their microphones with Lundahl Transformers inside. Let’s see what they think about Lundahl.

Why Lundahl Transformers

”From the outset of Sandhill Ribbon Microphones the goal was to ensure that every element used in the construction meets the of highest quality standards. This motivation to utilize components of a specific quality led to producing components in house or sourcing from local suppliers that have similar exacting quality standards. With Sweden being right next door to the Finnish base of operations for Sandhill, Lundahl checked the box of being a geographically and culturally local supplier. And the name Lundahl has always been synonymous with quality, both quality of transformers and the customer service that we have always received. For Sandhill, the Lundahl processes of communication, production, and delivery exceed our expectations, and there has never been a consideration to look anywhere else.”

Petteri Taponen, Co-founder
Sandhill Audio Oy

Sandhill Audio Oy

As we explore the intricacies of audio excellence, we focus today on the remarkable Sandhill Ribbon Microphones. For those intrigued by the nuances of sound and precision in audio capture, a visit to the official Sandhill Audio Oy webpage is highly recommended. Have a nice day! We hope you appreciate the microphones and transformers that are used. Good luck with your project or your next cool product launch. Bye for now.

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