The Audio Design Guide
Andrea Ciuffoli and his Audio Design Guide webpage

Andrea Ciuffoli is an Italian audiophile with quite an extensive web site at audiodesignguide

His site contains a long list of designs using Lundahl transformers. Now with the newest added designs at the top of the list:


  • Hybrid power supply using both diodes and tube rectifiers to get the best of the two worlds. We think this is excellent as it works very well with our mains transformers.
  • Tube output transformer selection list.This excel sheet is a guide to find the appropriate Lundahl output transformers to a certain tube.
    This is an excel file, but it does not contain any macros. We are really not friends of distributing excel files from web sites as 1) there is a virus risk and 2) it requires that the receiver can read excel file formats. Any suggestion on how to publish materials like this is greatly welcome.

Who is Andrea Ciuffoli

Andrea Ciuffoli is a software engineer, working with Internet technologies. He is involved in the Audio Hi End DIY since 20 years ago. His aim is to search for new solutions, to try new ideas and to look for any improvement. He is not involved with any financial business in the field, the Andrea’s wish is to improve and share his know-how both in the Electroacoustics and in Electronics. Being a Spice expert most of his conceptual work is CAD oriented, such an expertise, put together with an excellent ability in crafting ‘fast’ his devices, gives him the possibility to cover all the aspects of the hobby.

(by Francesco Pintavalle)