Silver wire transformers!


Our top-of-the-line moving coil stepup transformers are now available with high purity silver wire windings.

The transformers are named:
LL1931Ag (1+1 : 8+8, amorphous core)
LL1933Ag (1+1 : 8+8, mu metal core)
LL1941Ag (1+1 : 16+16, amorphous core)
LL1943Ag (1+1 : 16+16, mu metal core)

  • In spite of the small difference in electrical conductivity between copper and silver (approx 6%), the sonic difference is not negligible. Kevin Carter’s (of K&K Audio) comments can be found on . A similar report is received from Thomas Mayer via
  • LL1944 is a four output splitting transformer primarily designed for active splitters, speaker boxes etc. The LL1944 is similar to the LL1560, but without the 6dB stepdown from primary to secondary.
  • LL2734 is a low winding resistance anode choke for parafeed and for low current power supply applications.
  • LL1940 is a tube microphone transformer with ”character”. In the LL1940 we are using a silicon-iron C-core, which is unusual for this type of application. The result is a transformer with more ”transformer sound character”, compared to a classic mu metal lamination transformer.

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