Designs available at Aquablue web page  diyparadiso

Benny Glass at Aquablue is our tube amplifier transformer manufacturer in the BeNeLux countries. The following designs are available at his web page


  • faboulous 845 SE amp
  • PSE ultra path kt 88 design
  • uncompromised SE 300B design
  • 300B iT design using LL1677
  • PSE double output transformer design for lowest loss
  • high power SE 300B design
  • C3m iT coupled 300B SE amp
  • C3m RC coupled 300B SE amp
  • original 300B stereo SE design
  • simple iT coupled amp using paper in oil 300B SE amp

  • PP 2A3 amp
  • super PP KT88 reference amp
  • super PP 845 amp
  • a daring mod and a huge improvement to one of belgiums most popular tube kits

  • using Plate chokes
  • headphone amp