DIN1588 is a ready-to-use transformer unit with screw terminals. DIN 1588 provides galvanic isolation and splitting 1 direct + 1 isolated. It is suitable for medium-to-high signal levels.

Transformer static resistance primary + secondary240Ω
CoreMu metal lamination core
Max signal level (THD less than 1%)+28 dBU @ 50 Hz
Frequency response @ 0 dBU (source 150Ω, load 10kΩ)10 Hz - 60 kHz +/-1 dB
Distortion (THD) at 50 Hz (source 150Ω)< 0.2 % @ 50 Hz, for all signal levels -40 through +24 dBU
Loss across transformer with load 10kΩ0.2 dB
Isolation between input and output sides1 kV

Complete datasheet for DIN1588