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Installers of audio systems are often not happy with naked transformers, as these require both soldering and solutions for mounting.
In our DIN units you find three of our most popular general purpose transformers, prepared for installation using screw terminals and DIN rails. If no DIN rail is available the DIN unit can easily be screw mounted using the flip-out screw holes.

For galvanic isolation and splitting 1 direct + 1 isolated we have two different units:
DIN1527 for low-to-medium (max 16dBU at 50 Hz) signal levels
DIN1588 for low-to-high (max 28dBU at 50 Hz) signal levels

For galvanic isolation and splitting 1 direct + 2 isolated we suggest the DIN1581XL.
DIN1581XL is suitable for mic and line level signals up to +13 dBU at 50Hz

The PCB used in the DIN unit is very versatile. If you need any other type of transformer in a DIN unit, please let us know.
In many cases we can help you find a solution.


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