Line input

PhotoTypeTurns RadioSize LxWxHMax PrimlevelApplications / CommentsUnit price Euro*
VAT excl.
LL15311+1:2 28x17x15+20 dBU Small size
LL15401+1 :1+1 38x24x17+30 dBU High level input
LL1544A1+1+1+1 : 2+2 30x22.5x14.5+20 dBU Amorphous strip core. General purpose with many connection alternatives.
LL1545A1+1+1+1 : 2+2 38x24x17+22 dBU General purpose with many connection alternatives.
LL1545E1+1 : 1+1 38x24x17+22 dBU Line input transformer based on LL1545A, but with less pins and with all windings internally split between coils for symmetry.
LL15921+1 : 1+1 47x28x20+31 dBU High level line input transformer for extra demanding applications
LL19221+1 : 4+4 47x28x24+26 dBU High level stepup line input. Similar to the UTC LS-10.
38x24x17+9 dBU
+22 dBU
Dual input for consumer AND pro audio equipment€66.96
LL79011+1+1+1 : 1+1+1+166x32x21+34 dBU Very high level, high impedance input.
LL79021+1+1+1 : 1+1+1+1 66x32x21+28 dBU General purpose. Very high quality line input for 1:1, step-down or step-up.

*For larger quantities, please ask for quotation.

Line input for ZF input circuits

PhotoTypeTurns RatioSize LxWxH Max Primlevel Applications / Comments
Unit price Euro*
VAT excl.
LL64041 : 115.5x11x10N/AFor Zero Field input circuitry (see datasheet)€52.75
LL71011+1 : 1.4 28x18x10N/A (Very high!) For Zero Field input circuitry (see datasheet)

*For larger quantities, please ask for quotation.