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Maria Berghäll Posted on 24 september 2014

A new sub-page, Products/Accessories presents our housings for tube OPTs, our new DIN unit for small isolation and splitting transformers and a beautiful case for Moving Coil step-up transformers. Products/Accessories.

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13 sep 2014

Audio Engineering Society International Convention 2014, Los Angeles.

As usual, Lundahl Transformers will exhibit at the AES International Convention. This year the exhibition is October 10 through October 12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We will be in booth 1230, please come see us!!! For information and free visitor registration please click:

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09 sep 2014

New transformers!

Tube amplifier line output transformer LL2745 is a line output transformer with modest turns ratio (2.8 + 2.8 : 1+1+1+1) and the same internal structure as our well known LL1660. Line Input Transformer LL1948 is a new amorphous core line input transformer designed to meet extreme audiophile requirements. The LL1948 is available with Cardas ultra-pure […]

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16 dec 2012


We are happy to announce that PANSTEP is now our distributor of tube amplifier transformers in Ukraine. Visit their website at

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27 nov 2012

AES Exhibition in San Francisco.

Thank you everybody who visited our booth at the AES Exhibition in San Francisco! Also congratulations to the San Francisco Giants (and fans) for winning the World Series during our visit! Our next exhibition will be the Musikmesse/Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt, April 10 – 13 2013. We look forward to see you there.

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17 jun 2012

Golden Age Audio

We are happy to announce that Golden Age Audio is now our distributor of tube amplifier transformers in Australia. Visit their website at

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17 apr 2012

Silver wire transformers!

  Our top-of-the-line moving coil stepup transformers are now available with high purity silver wire windings. The transformers are named: LL1931Ag (1+1 : 8+8, amorphous core) LL1933Ag (1+1 : 8+8, mu metal core) LL1941Ag (1+1 : 16+16, amorphous core) LL1943Ag (1+1 : 16+16, mu metal core) In spite of the small difference in electrical conductivity […]

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