LL2804 is yet a microphone input transformer with turns ratio 1+1:7 (200 ohm : 10k) The LL2804 is discontinued and no data sheet is available. 
For replacements, please look at LL1530 or LL1576.

Pin configuration:  
(Transformer seen from pin side. I am afraid I can not tell orientation, 
as our notes are  incomplete and we have no samples left.)    
4,    3,    2,    1       


8,    7,    6,    5       
LL2804 Usage (1:7)  
in+	pin 2  
in-	pin 3  
out+	pin 6  
out-	pin 7  
Housing 		pin 1  
Core 			pin 4  
Faraday shield 	pin 5+8

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